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Incentives vs. Dollar$ – Small-business owners should look to feed the soul, not just the wallet when looking for incentives

New year. New goals. New plans. The small business owner is bombarded by salespeople walking through the door trying to be the first one to sell their respective product right out of the gate. Don’t forget the employee who will also remind you that they were here this time last year and the typical way… Read the Rest…

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Summer Reading… it’s not just for your kids

I often get asked, whether by those already in business or those thinking about starting a business, “Can you tell me a good business book to read that may answer questions for me?”  Unfortunately, no book provides the answers to all business-related questions (that would be way too easy). Business professionals have those that are… Read the Rest…

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What Makes You Different? No one knows until you tell them

What’s the difference?  We’re all the same, right?  How many times do we all say that when we choose one retailer over another for a simple purchase.  They all sell the same things and at pretty much the same prices.  In the big-box world, that may be a fair statement.  Dealing with small businesses, however,… Read the Rest…

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