Open or Closed?

Sales are very important, but that shouldn’t always be the deciding factor for being in the office


Throughout the year, we have many major and minor holidays where businesses have to decide should they open or should they close. This is, of course, not counting the days that your office is already closed or before any weather-related issues make the open or closed decision for you. Closing on Thanksgiving and Christmas are easier decisions compared to Columbus Day or Presidents Day. Holidays are not only important for your employees but it also gives you time to recharge your batteries as well, but over the last 10 years I feel some businesses create a much longer holiday than necessary. I know, I know. Don’t we all work hard enough? Of course we do. However, this is the time to work smart. Business owners traditionally work endless hours ‘in’ their business to only end the day, lock the door and then begin to work ‘on’ their business. Their days start early, usually before many people, and the sun, are up. Arriving at the office a few hours before any employees gives them the ability to get so much more accomplished when the phone isn’t ringing and no one needs anything from them. For this very reason I attempt to start each day between 4 and 5am. In fact, I’m writing this column while many people are in the midst of a great night’s sleep. It’s easy to say the day before or after a holiday could be slow, or the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be soft. If your industry is generally slow during this time maybe you don’t open, but should that mean that no one goes in? Working half the amount of time you’d typically put in, but doing it in a quiet environment, may knock many items off your ‘to-do list’. Do you keep talking about reorganizing the office, cleaning out file cabinets, getting ready for end-of-year and tax time earlier? Here’s your opportunity! Bring in that key employee to get things done you’ve been putting on the ‘when-we-have-time’ list. While the office may be closed doesn’t mean that you ignore a ringing phone. It could be a client or vendor you’ve been waiting to talk with and now you have unlimited time to do that. What a nice change that is… unlimited time to talk with someone. Plus, being caught up on all the ancillary items on your list takes a weight off your mind giving you the time to work on the larger projects you never seem to have the time for. I’m certainly not suggesting to work around the clock, but how many times have you wished for just a few extra hours in the week? Utilizing a half day in the office when you are closed for business may just help you find them.

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