"I enjoyed Coffee News when I first started reading it, so I decided to advertise in it to help boost my real estate career. It worked and I get calls from potential clients and friends and family that notice my ad. I still look forward to reading every edition that hits the stands. Thanks for publishing a great read and advertising tool."

Starr Hood

Keller Williams Realty

"It is so nice to have a little something to read, while drinking your tea or coffee, that shows the up side of things. The Coffee News really stands out with it's cheery crowd on the front and different tidbits about the area and other places that most people may not discover because we all lead such busy lives these days. So thank you for providing us with the happier side of life to our morning start, afternoon break and maybe an evening relaxation at the coffee house. I really look forward to them every time I go into Caribou Coffee."

Shannon E.

"Just wanted to let you know that we really had fun with our prize of the movie passes and the free buffet at CiCi Thanks so much. I have been entering my guess each week and really hope to win again soon! Thanks so much."

Kim in Linthicum

"When I was visiting my aunt I saw a copy of Coffee News. We read it and I found it very easy to read and enjoyable. I forgot about Coffee News until today when I was having pizza with my aunt at Pizza Hut and saw a copy of Coffee News. Then I remembered completely and read it to find it was just as good as the first one I read."


"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Coffee News. I went into the Burger King in Bowie the other day with the intention of getting my sandwich and going back out and eating in the car. But I picked up Coffee News and I sat down and had my coffee and my sandwich inside. I enjoyed myself so much reading Coffee News and I wanted to tell you that. Thank you."


"My mother loved reading the Coffee News and brought it to me to read. She wanted me to see the 'Coffee Angel Food Cake' recipe. I'm glad she did! I think the Coffee News is the next best thing to being an angel. I found the news in it very uplifting." Thank you!!!

Patty S.

"After our yellow lab swims at Canine Fitness Center we love coming to Caribou Coffee, drinking our cappuccinos while sitting outside letting our dog lay about, getting petted by passersby and reading the latest happy-side of news in the Coffee News. The perfect ending of a dog outing and the perfect beginning of a nice day. Thank you Caribou Coffee for always having the "news" on hand."

Vicki R.

"My mother gets her copy when she bowls on Wednesdays. She gives it to me so that I can enter the contest each week. Maybe I will get lucky and win one of these weeks! What a great little publication. Keep up the good work!!!!!"

Kim from Linthicum

"We will never forget the kindness & guidance that Tom & Angela extended us when we were starting our business. Their business advice was invaluable. We can never say thank you enough!"

Tim & Donna Webb

"Coffee News has been so important to our monthly Quarter Auctions. Every month when I'm checking in people it never fails that someone has heard about it in Coffee News. Angela and her team have been so helpful to us, and we are so grateful for their support. We can't thank Angela and Coffee News enough for all their assistance in making our auctions 'must attend' events! If you need to get your message out there, Coffee News is the way to go! We see them everywhere we go and they're really a delight to read. Take it from us, COFFEE NEWS IS THE WAY TO ADVERTISE!!!"

Kevin & Carla O'Brien

"Advertising with Coffee News is one of our best business decisions! Over the last two years of advertising with Coffee News, the calls that we receive from this publication far exceed the amount of business from any other component of our advertising."

J.S. from Pasadena

"Thanks to my ad in Coffee News, I was able sign my largest contract to date with a company I had been trying for many years to get with."

S.S. from Westminster

"Within the first thirty days of my ad appearing in Coffee News, I secured two very large contracts. The first came from a reader who saw my ad in the paper. The other was a referral that came through Tom & Angela. Not only is my company visible every day because of my ad in the paper, but I feel that the networking that Coffee News does on behalf of their clients gives me an even greater edge over my competition."

R.W. from Pasadena

"Angela, just wanted to drop you a note to say we got yet another call from a Coffee News reader today! So soon into our ad running... that's awesome! Thanks for having such a great paper!"

Amy Gillis

Arundel Tree Service

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